The World of Priases Enterprises

Praises Products and the Ethnic Hair Care Market

The ethnic hair care market is distinct, in and of itself. African-Americans and others with their differing hair textures, grooming needs and stylistic preferences are led to seek products that meet these specific needs. Praises All Natural Hair and Skin care products meet the needs of individuals seeking such products.

Praises Products remains one of the most respected and reliable handcrafted natural products for ethnic beauty, having captured it's rightful place in this distinct hair care market.

Praises Products is a leader in personal body care product manufacturing. Praises Products is time tested, being on the market for over twenty years.

Praises Products is currently continuing its longstanding tradition of being the premiere ethnic hair care product, outselling all other ethnic products at Sevenanda Natural Foods in Atlanta, GA, Integral Yoga and Watkins Health Food stores in New York City and Glut Natural Food Coop in Mount Rainier, MD, to name a few.

All Praises Products are completely natural. Our unique formulas do not contain synthetic chemicals, colors, or preservatives of any kind. All of our formulas are made using the finest plant and essential oils, botanicals, nut butters and waxes that nourish, maintain, restore and enhance the hair, scalp and skin. They have always been handcrafted and produced in small batches to insure the integrity of the product's shelf life and effectiveness.
Praises Products, currently operating out of Atlanta, GA, will continue to be produced in this same organic manner.

In this present Age of Aquarius, health conscious people are seeking a more natural approach to life in the form of organic foods, petrochemical free cosmetics, personal care products and holistic wellness. To this end, Praises Products and services are in tune with the times and suitable for the entire family seeking a natural way of life. We aim to serve discerning people with an eco-friendly packaged product and necessary information in the care of their hair, skin, body, soul and spirit.

We give Praises to all that is natural and want to share our respect and enthusiasm with the world community of informed consumers.

Top selling Praises Products that will fly off your store shelves:
Kuumba Hair and Scalp Conditioner Full of Locks Hair Oil,Herbal Body Salve Cleopatra's Delight Hair and Body Oil Angel Scented Hair and Body Lotion and Brown Sugah.

Adio Kuumba Akil

Cosmetologist, entrepreneur, naturalist, visionary, spiritualist, lover of life and lover of the life in others, are a few of the adjectives that give one an idea of the depth and breath that Adio Kuumba Akil spans.

Adio is the creator, developer and president of Praises Enterprises, a company whose main thrust is the manufacturing of Praises Products, a line of all natural hair and skin care products. Adio also gives lectures and conducts workshops and seminars on a variety of topics related to health, beauty and nature.


"I like to focus on beauty from and internal aspect", says Adio. "As a person accepts and loves themselves and tunes into nature, a whole world of subtle, miraculous events take place within them. These feelings will soon out picture themselves as a radiant smile, a twinkle in the eye, a glowing complexion and a cheerful demeanor. as above so below or as I like to say, as within, so without."